Getting There...

Getting There... The story within the life becoming the life within the story

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About the Book:

The fact that you have begun reading this means that you have come to a crossroads. You ultimately, only have one of two choices that you will make. One choice is to continue reading this book and it will (not can) enhance your perspective on life and “being” around others. The book “touches” several genres (inspirational, self-improvement, handicapped, health and fitness, social sciences, philosophy, family, mind, body, and soul) in a combined unique manner and accurately highlights each that is naturally intertwined in this autobiography and anyone's life. This book goes beyond age, gender, social, cultural boundaries, and even time to make it applicable to any human. This autobiography's events were typed and recorded vocally by me, the author, as I regained the physical capabilities. These are all true experiences by me, the author, that were encountered along my journey. The “story” illustrates the similarities of “two worlds” that some people think are completely different; one being “better” than the other. The experiences are presented in such a form to make it relative to any reader. This autobiography was written in the style and format that creatively gives the reader the truthful experience in order. Many people want to be at the top, but how many have and can give perspectives from both “top and bottom.” All emotions are met when reading this book and it is much more than a life story. It is “The story within the life becoming the life within the story!”

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