Getting There

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Life is a series of linked events and nothing just happens, so I "coincidentally" got published with Authorhouse making me fall in the category called an "Indie."  If I had not chosen to have my book published as an "Indie" then it would most likely "never" have happened, traditionally.  I began this autobiography process in my early stages during recovery.  Even after completing my book manuscript, my ability to get/be presented in front of a traditional publisher had extremely low probability if any.  Along with all other "coincidences" during my injury, I found my publisher (Authorhouse) and a package that allowed my book to be sold via such retailers like Amazon (global sale), B&N, and Borders.  All the drama between that of being traditionally published and independently published is unfortunately an unconstituted bias or "prejudice" endured by the craft of writers' "work" and readers' "enjoyment."  The ability to make one's selection solely based on a "brand," gives the concept for ethics (predominantly business) of trust to be open for abuse with power. 

"Indie" publishers use the eco-friendly Print On Demand (POD) mainly due to monopolistic control by a larger percentage of traditional publishers, but it also is a system that better enables the "want not, waste not" idea.  I'm certain that traditional publishers use POD too, but they also cater to a monopolistic control over specific mass "retailers" (book stores) so their individual isn't "the individual," it's a mortar and brick "store" (or retailer).  Certain publishers contract with specific retailers giving specified "intangible" permissions (stocking and promoting only specific brands of books) because it ensures their ultimate goal of selling their product to make money.  The reality of this situation is that in the end, it's a business and a business doesn't cater or care about the personal (or the person).  The business has many objectives but gets lost and focused to only one primary objective, profitability.  Logically, this means that if some traditional publishers have the reputability that enables them to have monopolistic control, you now see the size and depth of its true "grip" (control).  So your ability to find my "book" (work) is without any typical commercialized marketing or as I like to call it, gimmicks, but only through my "intangible work" found within this and all its linked sites.  This website contains more than buying the book in any of its 3 formats from all retailers, pictures (real not reality based) that link you directly to the autobiography's mentioned site, Wordpress blog etc, but a Google translator for each of its four pages that allows its text content to be translated into over 50 languages allowing for true global supportive visibility to Amazon. 

My "work" is in my daily attempts to be selfless expressed in many forms and aspects that are linked to Social Media beginning with Facebook’s Eternal Optimism; "The eternal strife of a positive perspective despite all things, with continual effort to achieve it (E.O)."  When I made the FB page, my sole purpose was to remind others of the “Eternal Optimism” found in life’s “Hope.” Each chapter title within the “book” is a status quote I used in my daily writings but understood through my “Getting There…The story within the life becoming the life within the story!”

 “Your Hope” provides me with all the fundamental necessities to have success; shared selflessly it becomes “ours.”  Happiness, Love, and Hope are the “three base fundamentals shared globally.”